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free consent Hema (179060) Shandiya (179815)
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    1. 1.Commit, threaten to commit any forbidden by Penal Code 2. Unlawfully detaining or threaten to detain any property
      1. CASES : Chin Nam Bee Development Sdn Bhd v Tai Kim Choo & 4 Ors
        1. a) Undue influence & proof of dominant position
          1. require proof of
            1. 1. Dominant position
              1. 2. Unfair advantage
                1. 3. Contract was entered because of the influence
              2. b) Undue influence & presumed dominant position
                1. i. He/she possess real or apparent authority over the other party cases : Salwath Haneem v Hadjee Abdullah
                  1. ii. Fiduciary relationship between the two parties cases: Datuk Joginder Singh & Ors v Tara Rajaratnam
                    1. Contract with whose mental capacity is affected cases : Chait Singh v Budin bin Abdullah
                      1. i. Person alleging
                        1. Yes undue influence 1. Real/apparent authority 2. Fiduciary relationship 3. Mental capacity is affected
                          1. No undue influence 1. No real/apparent authority 2. No fuduciary relationship 3. No mental illness
                      2. FRAUD
                        1. 1. Suggesting not true fact by person who does not believe it to be true
                          1. 2. Active concealment fact by person who knows about the fact
                            1. 3. Promise without any intention performing it
                              1. 4. Any act fitted to deceive
                                1. 5. Any act that law declares as fraudulent
                                  1. Include fraudulent misrepresentation cases : Weber v Brown
                                    1. Party alleging fraud : Prove :
                                      1. Act constitutes fraud
                                        1. Intention to deceive
                                          1. Entered contract because of fraud
                                        2. Misinterpretation
                                          1. 1. Positive assertion of fact
                                            1. 2. Breach of duty w/out intenion to deceive
                                              1. 3. causing another person to make mistake as subject to agreement
                                              2. Mistake
                                                1. 1. s.21- Mistake of both parties about facts cases : Raffles v Wichellaus
                                                  1. 2. s.22 - Mistake of law : contract cannot be avoided
                                                    1. 3. unilateral mistake cases : The Golf Cheque Book Sdn Bd & Anor v Nilai Springs Bhd
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