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Constructing Deviance


Mind Map on Constructing Deviance, created by scollins10 on 10/19/2015.
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Constructing Deviance
  1. Differential Social Power: Different factors give certain groups greater social power
    1. Labeling
      1. Money: to campaign or lobby
        1. Age: affects power
          1. Race & Ethinicity : White population are the dominant group
            1. Gender :Men dominant over women
            2. Resisting Labeling
              1. Same powerful groups avoid labels
                1. Foster positive images
                  1. "Halo Effect"
              2. Moral Enterprise: The process of constructing and applying definitions of deviance.
                1. Moral Entrepreneurs: individuals drawing of the power and resources of: In
                  1. Rule Creators: Politicians, Parents, CEOs
                    1. Individual or Group
                    2. Rule Enforcers: Police, Judge, Court
                      1. Stages
                        1. Bring Moral Conversion: Convince others of their views
                          1. Generate awareness: Claims making
                            1. claim making: danger messages
                              1. Experts
                                1. case examples
                                  1. Statistics
                                2. Form Alliances and coalitions: Long-term allies, or those who have mutual interests on single issuse
                                3. Create Moral Panic
                                  1. Drug Scare
                                    1. Temperance culture
                                      1. Self-control
                                        1. Vocabulary of attribution
                                  2. Status Politics
                                    1. Defiance is socially constructed
                                      1. Dominanted by members of upper social strata
                                    2. Legitimized suppression
                                      1. Legitmized profiling
                                        1. subsected gang members
                                          1. Intelligent gatherings
                                            1. Police misconduct: excessive force
                                            2. Medical Crimes: Prescription violation, negligent care, unnecessary medial procedures
                                              1. "Protective Cloak"
                                                1. Doctors are shield from medical crimes
                                                  1. Self regulated
                                                    1. Image of good will
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