futuro in 2035

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el futuro en el 2035

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futuro in 2035
  1. the future in 2035 will be very confortable
    1. the ozone layer will be worn
      1. in 2035 there will be in traductor for animals
        1. the machines will work for all
          1. the appliances will be based on solar energy
            1. the medicine will be more a duanced and lower mortality
              1. robots workes will
                1. the contaminacion will be very destructive on the planet
                  1. the problem will be in the futuro water scarcity
                    1. the children will be few
                      1. everyone will be digital
                        1. the libraries will be past history
                          1. culture will be different from the tecnologia
                            1. there will be no racism
                              1. there will be more communication network
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