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notes on the microwave

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  1. How it works
    1. Causes water molecules to vibrate and create friction
      1. The microwave created by the magnetron bounce off of the sides of the microwave
        1. They go through a wave guide, to a stirrer
    2. What it does
      1. It warms up left overs faster, retains the nutrients, and tastes better
        1. Defrosts meat for immediate use
          1. Softens brown sugar
            1. plumps raisins
              1. Freshens snacks/chips
                1. Eliminates extra oils/fats
      2. what can be microwaved?
        1. Material
          1. dishes
            1. a. paper b. plastic c. glass d. microwavable dishes
            2. Covering
              1. Paper towels- to absorb moisture, splatter and spills wax paper-to hold in some moisture plastic wrap- to hold in moisture
          2. What can't be microved
            1. dishes
              1. metal dishes with gold/silver
              2. Food
                1. eggs in shells-will explode/burst pancakes-don't get a crust popcorn-not enough moisture canning foods deep-fried large amounts
              3. Technique
                1. Stirring- pull heated part of food to the center
                  1. Turn over- microwave all sides
                    1. Standing time- allow food to complete cooking- on a counter
                      1. shielding- small pieces of foils used to cover wings/legs of poultry
                        1. Covering- retains nutrients, holds in moisture, speeds cooking
                          1. Arranging food in a circular shape- to make cooking even
                            1. Rotating- Makes cooking even
                              1. Pricking- (egg yolks/potatoes) keeps from exploding
                                1. Select foods of the same size- cooks evenly
                                2. hints
                                  1. foods at fridge/freezer temp take longer than room temp
                                    1. density affects cooking time (potato=dense)
                                      1. bony pieces of chicken-put on the outside
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