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Jacob Watkins 2nd period, microwave notes
Jacob Watkins
Mind Map by Jacob Watkins, updated more than 1 year ago
Jacob Watkins
Created by Jacob Watkins over 6 years ago

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  1. Magnetron- produces short radio waves called microwaves
    1. Wave guide- rectangular metal tube, that leads to the stirrer
      1. Stirrer- fan like, moves the waves on the inside of the microwave
        1. Water Molecules- contained in most foods, have positive and negative charge at each end
          1. Molecules are pulled one way then turned to the other, by a magnetic field created by the waves
            1. back and forth motion between the molecules happends 2.5 billion times a second
              1. Rapid vibration causes friction to heat the food
                1. Acceptable dishes for the microwave are, paper,plastic,glass, and microwaveable dishes
                  1. Unacceptable dishes are, mental,silver, or gold dishes
                    1. Some foods should not be microwaved, examples: pancakes, eggs in shells, and canning foods
                      1. Microwaving foods is a lot faster way to heat things up
                        1. things to cover foods while microwaving are plastic paper, paper towels, or waxpapr
                          1. try to select foods the same sizes
                            1. prick some foods so the don't explode before putting in microwave
                              1. rotating- helps foods cook ore even
                                1. piece food so you don't get burnt
                                  1. look for the hot steam after getting done to prevent burning
                                    1. round containers will cook more evenly
                                      1. foods in freezer will take longer to cook
                                        1. Density will effect cooking time
                                          1. Jacob Watkins
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