Calc 1 Exam 2

Sterling Werfal
Mind Map by Sterling Werfal, updated more than 1 year ago
Sterling Werfal
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Mind map for the second exam of Calc 1

Resource summary

Calc 1 Exam 2
  1. Review From Exam 1
    1. Derivatives of Trig Functions
      1. Product Rule and Quotient Rule
      2. New Derivatives
        1. Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions
          1. Derivatives of Log Functions
            1. Taking a Derivative by Using a Log Function
            2. Chain Rule
              1. Implicit Differentiation
              2. New Types of Problems
                1. Finding Maxima and Minima
                  1. Related Rates Problems
                    1. Graphing Functions and Concavity
                      1. Financials and Derivatives
                        1. Graphing Functions
                          1. Graphing Logarithmic and e Functions
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