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different things about microwaves
maddie cooper
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maddie cooper
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  1. when cooking in a microwave
    1. Arrange so thickest parts of food are toward the side of the oven.
      1. Larger amounts of food will need more time to cook
        1. Pierce foods with skin to let steam escape.
          1. Use potholders to avoid burns. Dishes in a microwave get warm.
          2. How microwaves work
            1. Cannot go through metal, but can go through glass, ceramic, plastic or paper.
              1. Microwaves bounce off the sides of the oven.
                1. Heat is inside the food, so food doesn't stop cooking when you turn off the oven
                  1. Foods cook quickly, and most do not have time to browm
                  2. Advantages
                    1. faster
                      1. retains nutrients
                        1. Tastes better
                          1. warms up leftovers
                          2. technique
                            1. Stirring
                              1. Covering
                                1. Rotating
                                  1. Pricking
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