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Womens Movement


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Womens Movement
  1. Anthony and Stanton
    1. July 19-20, 1848: First gathering devoted to Women's rights. (Seneca Falls, New York)
      1. 1869: Stanton and Anthony created the National Women's suffrage Association and Lucy Stone created American Women Suffrage Association
        1. 1890: NWSA and AWSA joined together and created National American Women's Suffrage Association.
      2. 1850: Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony met and forged a lifetime alliance as women's rights activists
      3. Alice Paul and the NWP
        1. Formed the Rival Congressional Union in 1913 and later named it the National Women's Party
          1. Carrie Chapman Catt secured the organizations top leader in 1915
          2. Cult of Domesticity 1820-1860
            1. Piety: Religion
              1. Purity: Save your virginity for your marriage day and give it to your husband as a gift.
                1. Domesticity: A womens place is in the home, fulfilling piety and purity.
                  1. Submissiveness: Yielding to the Authority of another without resistance
                    1. Godeys Ladies Book
                    2. Women's Right to Vote
                      1. 1869: Wyoming gave women the right to vote
                        1. 1893: Colorado gave women the right to vote
                          1. 1896: Utah gave women the right to vote
                            1. August 26, 1920: the 19th Amendment was ratified in the 36th state (Tenesee)
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