Evidence of Gender Inequalities- female disadvantage

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Labour Market

ONS (2013)- Female graduates are more likely to work in a lower skilled occupation group than men. Barron and Norris- Women are more likely to be found in jobs which are part of a secondary labour market UK Feminista-  Found that 30,000 women are sacked each year simply for being pregnant. 440,000 women lose out on pay or promotion as a result of pregnancy

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Income and Wealth

Fawcett Society- There is still a 13.9% pay gap between the average salaries for men and women working full time in the UK Prudential- according to a survey of more than 10,000 adults, 25% of women will be living below the poverty line when they retire, compared to 12% of men Oxfam- Found that the income of retired women is less the 40% of that of a retired man

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Social Mobility

Savage - studied social mobility in the 2000's and found that men were 40% more likely to climb the career ladder than women EHRC - Found a decrease in women's participation in sectors of employment which related to positions of high reward and status such as members of the cabinet, editors of national papers and health service chief executives Heath and Li - variations in mobility by gender and ethnicity

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Skelton - Argues that the 'hidden curriculum' is responsible for perpetuating gender differences Kelly- Science is packaged for boys Colley- subject choices at school were gendered

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Home Office- women are more likely than men to be victims of domestic violence. 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence at some point in their lifetimes and 6-10% of women experience it in a given year British Crime Survey- 13% of girls aged 16-19 had experienced domestic abuse. Only 7/100 rape cases reported to the police resulted in a conviction Walkate - suggests that female victims are largely ignored or hidden and police and court procedures discourage women from reporting crimes

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Ferguson- magazines were organised around ' a cult of femininity, which promotes an ideal where excellence is achieved through caring for others, the family, marriage and appearance Total Film Magazine- Out of top 100 film characters of all time, only 21 are female Sontag- Double standard of ageing in the media