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Microwave stuff.

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1 Warms/Cooks food
1.1 Defrosts
1.1.1 Meat
1.2 Microwaves cook foods quickly and usually doesn't have time to brown.
2 Safe to Microwave
2.1 Plastic
2.2 Paper
2.3 Microwaveable Dishes
2.4 Glass
2.5 Not Safe to Microwave
2.5.1 Metal
2.5.2 Dishes w/ gold or silver
2.6 A microwave has no heating element. This allows paper and plastic products safely in the microwave.
3 Advantages
3.1 Fast
3.2 Retains Nutrients
3.3 Taste Better
4 Techniquies
4.1 Stirring
4.1.1 Turning Over
4.1.2 Standing Time
4.1.3 Shielding Covering Rotating Rotating Pricking Same Food Size Arranging food in a circle
4.2 Increase Efficency
4.2.1 Foods at room temperature cook faster
4.2.2 Density affects cooking time
4.2.3 Bones
4.2.4 Energy in a microwave oven can be uneven. Some parts of the oven may have more energy and will cook food faster than other parts.
4.3 Microwaves cause molecules in food to vibrate. This creates the heat that cooks the food. Heat from the food warms the container that the food is in.
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