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The Honest Truth


Adeleen Dunker made this, the book title is The Honest Truth
Mind Map by adeleen.dunker, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by adeleen.dunker over 6 years ago

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The Honest Truth
  1. Characters
    1. Mark
      1. strong
        1. determined
        2. Jessie
          1. trustworthy
            1. good friend
            2. Beau (dog)
              1. brave
                1. good hearted
              2. Setting
                1. Time: Winter
                  1. Place: Washington
                  2. Theme
                    1. Message: Do what you think is right not what other people think is right for you.
                      1. How brought out in book: Mark climbed Mt.Rainier because his grandpa told him to climb it before Mark died, then his grandpa died.Mark gets cancer again and decides it is now or never. Marks parents think it is a safty hazard.
                      2. Main Conflict
                        1. Problem: Mark wants to climb Mt.Rainier
                          1. Cause: Marks grandpa wanted him to, his grandpa died. Once Mark heard he had cancer again he decided he had to climb the mountain.
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