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Fahrenheit 451


Reading test English literature Mind Map on Fahrenheit 451, created by Lauren G on 10/20/2015.
Lauren G
Mind Map by Lauren G, updated more than 1 year ago
Lauren G
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Fahrenheit 451
  1. Captain Beatty
    1. Commits suicide by antagonizing Montag
      1. Captain of the Firemen
        1. Constantly recites poetry
          1. Things he believes lead to happiness: ignorance and political correctness
            1. Compares to conflict against Montag to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
              1. a work written by Shakespeare in which Caesar is assassinated by a conspiracy led by Cassius
            2. Guy Montag
              1. Courageous
                1. Stands up against society by revolting against the burning of books; did not conform
                  1. Takes books home from his calls and quotes poetry in front of other citizens
                  2. Books of Ecclesiates
                    1. Book of the Bible in which the first line is, "To everything is a season."
                    2. Fireman, did not question his beliefs until meeting Clarisse
                    3. Clarisse McClellan
                      1. Asks Montag, "Are you happy?"
                        1. Curious about the world and is considered, antisocial
                          1. Describes herself as seventeen and crazy
                            1. Looks up to her uncle, who told her about the old days
                            2. Mildred Montag
                              1. Attempts suicide by pill overdose, then acts oblivious
                                1. Obsessed with the Parlor Walls, favorite show is the White Clown
                                  1. Calls the authorities about Guy''s books
                                    1. Guy's, unfaithful, apathetic, wife
                                    2. Faber
                                      1. Three things he thinks lead to happiness: quality, time to think, and rights to carry out actions.
                                        1. Retired English professor
                                          1. Recites Book of Job to Montag over radio
                                          2. Granger
                                            1. Homeless man Montag meets after following the railroad and river.
                                              1. Wrote the books, "The Fingers in the Glove," and, "The Proper Relationship between the Individual and Society."
                                                1. Plato's Republic
                                                  1. Work written by Plato that describes an ideal society
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