Technology Problem Solving

Adrián Jiménez Pérez
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Adrián Jiménez Pérez
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Technology Unit 1

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Technology Problem Solving
  1. Analyse
    1. 1.Detect the problem
      1. 2.Research of information
        1. 3.Search for posible solutions
          1. 4.Choose the solution
          2. Building
            1. 5.Design
              1. Budget
                1. Document to evaluate the financial cost of our solution
                2. List of materials and tools
                  1. Drawings
                    1. Shows how the object will look
                  2. 6.Prepare and plan the work
                    1. 7.Build the product
                      1. Process sheet
                        1. Document to record the progress of the stages of work
                      2. Evaluation
                        1. 8.Chech the results
                          1. 9.Presentation and assesment
                            1. Check that the prototype satisfies the initial conditioning factors
                              1. Check the protopype works well
                                1. Report
                                  1. Document that includes all of the documents
                                2. Distribution and commercial promotion
                                  1. Price
                                    1. Distribution
                                      1. Promotion
                                      2. By Adrián Jiménez Pérez 3ºE
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