What is a Motherboard?

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Find out about a Motherboard

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What is a Motherboard?
1 The motherboard is a the main circuit board which has most significant components on the computer on it.
2 What are the main components on the motherboard?
2.1 Input-Output connectors
2.2 Audio chip
2.3 Motherboard power supply
2.4 AGP
2.5 Chipset 1 & 2
2.6 CMOS battery
2.7 BIOS
2.8 Jumpers
2.9 Disk drive and floppy drive connectors
2.10 Processor support
2.11 RAM connectors
2.12 Processor power supply connector
2.13 PCI extension supply connector
2.14 Case fan power supply connector
3 There are daughterboard but not father or sonboards
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