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My Horror Trailer


Horror trailer ideas
Mind Map by nicolemay, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by nicolemay over 6 years ago

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My Horror Trailer
  1. Sound
    1. Non-diegetic sound
      1. Diegetic sound
        1. Ambient sound
          1. Dialogue
            1. Sound bridges
            2. Editing
              1. Subliminal cuts
                1. Flash Cutting
                  1. Quick Cuts
                    1. Jump Cuts
                      1. Transititions
                      2. Mise-En-Scene
                        1. Dark lighting
                          1. Haunted house
                            1. Scary female ghost
                              1. Dressed in white contrasts well with blood
                              2. Woman as a victum
                                1. Blood
                                  1. Dark/ghost makeup on ghost
                                2. Cinematography
                                  1. Dolly Shots
                                    1. Panning
                                      1. Low/High angles
                                        1. Handheld
                                          1. Extreme close ups
                                            1. Close ups
                                              1. Selectives focus
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