physics- Energy

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physics- Energy
  1. type
    1. thermal (heat)
      1. radiator
      2. kinetic (Movement)
        1. treadmill
        2. nucleur
          1. uranium/ plutonium
          2. sound
            1. speakers
            2. light
              1. lightbulb
              2. chemical
                1. stored energy
                  1. battery
                  2. electrical
                    1. lightning
                    2. gravitational potential
                      1. skydiver
                      2. elastic potential
                        1. rubber band
                      3. energy changes
                        1. to describe an energy change
                          1. 1) write down the starting energy
                            1. 2) drawn an arrow
                              1. write what energy types are given
                            2. all energy is measured in joules (J)
                              1. KJ= 1000J
                              2. for example
                                1. TV set
                                  1. changes electrical energy to thermal , sound and light energy
                                2. Energy transfer
                                  1. energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another
                                    1. for example
                                      1. chemical energy in food is converted to thermal energy and kinetic energy by our bodies
                                        1. car
                                          1. chemical fuel --> fuel/ kinetic + (wasted) sound and heat
                                      2. although energy can never be created or destroyed, it can be turned into a form that isn't useful
                                        1. we call this wasted energy
                                      3. efficiency (%)
                                        1. useful energy(J) ------------------- total energy supplied
                                          1. x10
                                          2. filament bulb
                                            1. = 10%= 10/100x100
                                          3. sankey diagrams
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