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European Union & neo nationalism


European Union & neo nationalism
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European Union & neo nationalism
  1. What reasons prompted its development?
    1. Main objective was to eradicate the conflicts that took place among these countries of the continent and that had culminated in the Second World War.
      1. "This European Community was the first step to consolidate an economic and political union among European countries to achieve a lasting peace"
        1. Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were the founders of the European Union.
          1. Cold war was emerged
            1. On May 9th, 1950 Robert Schuman publishedthe founding act of the EU.
              1. This paper talks about the world peace as a project in which all countries should join hands to defeat the dangers that threatened the peaceful stability.
                1. The aim was to prevent another world war by creating this forum of states, in which solidarity and the establishment of peace were more important and were the principal factor to counter the ultra nationalist movements and the differences of nations.
                2. Europe
                  1. indispensable to maintain peaceful relations within the continent. Solidarity as a value
              2. What are the motivations that justify its existence today?
                1. It was motivated by the opportunities to maxify its own interests through enlargement
                  1. The possibility to foster peace
                    1. Stability and economic prosperity throughout the European continent by maintaining and developing its status as the highest integration project in the world.
                      1. sharing borders and customs
                        1. free movement of people
                          1. capital and goods and having a common currency
                          2. How is structured institutionally?
                            1. The European union is characterized by being a supranational and intergovernmental
                              1. The European Council: the presidents of each member state of the EU and the president of the European commision
                                1. The European Commission: EU’s executive and it implements and manages the union decisions and common policies and has the legislative power.
                                  1. The Council of the European Union: This council enacts legislation based on proposal by the Commission and agreed on by the Parliament. It represents the 28 national governments.
                                    1. The European Parliament: represents the citizens of the EU. It’s formed by 751 members who are directly elected for five year terms.
                                      1. The European Central Bank: it manages the euro and the union’s monetary policy.
                                    2. What are its goals?
                                      1. Create economic and social progress
                                        1. Employment creation & environmental protection
                                          1. Establish and affirm the european identity in the international arena
                                            1. The encourage of the civil, political and rights of the citizens.
                                              1. The maintenance and development of sense of community:
                                              2. What are its challenges and most important defiances?
                                                1. Economic crisis
                                                  1. The "Grexit" and the Greek debt management
                                                    1. The Brexit
                                                      1. The fragmentation of the political landscape
                                                        1. Separatist movements
                                                          1. Increase of nationalist parties and anti-European
                                                          2. How neo nationalists movements affects the European Union?
                                                            1. Never again would the fate of minorities be left to national parliaments, and racist and populist sentiments
                                                              1. The impact of people unification was brought into different places a new ideology and opening governments.
                                                                1. The neo nationalist movements have been taking strength and even they have been provoking decontrol inside different governments putting in danger the order of the societies.
                                                                  1. Fear from nationalism: European integration is closer institutional ties with Europe and the apparent uselessness of the modern nation-state.
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