Binary: Another revision thing I have.

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It's a mindmap I'm making from the top of my head. It probably isn't accurate

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Binary: Another revision thing I have.
  1. Binary is a counting system for computers, it is made up of 0 and 1
    1. Binary is made up of 8 bits.
      1. 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
        1. These are easy to convert denary to.
          1. It can go up 1 more time to 255, before going to 256 with is 9 bit.
      2. Computers use binary so that they can store data and make everything on your screen work
        1. In binary you can also convert denary numbers
          1. For example, 7 is 0111
            1. Binary is also used to also add things
          2. Another thing people use is Hex. Which is easier to use to convert Denary
            1. Hex is made up of 123456789ABCDEF
            2. Adding and subtracting Binary.
              1. There are some rules, like adding denary, you have to carry if it is not a valid number
                1. For example. If it was 1+1, you would have to carry 1 and make it a 0.
                2. It's the same with subtracting. If there are two 0 wanting to be subtracted, you have to carry one from another number
                3. Converting binary to denary.
                  1. If the number was 00010100 then you would look at the ones, and add them to the 8 bit number it goes with so the answer would be 20.
                    1. Converting denary to binary
                      1. If the denary number was 9, you would have to add it up using the 8 bit system. So the answer would 0000 1001 or to shorten it because there is nothing in the first 4 digits, it can just be 1001
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