Horror Opening Ideas

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Horror Opening Ideas
1 Setting/location
1.1 Weston Woods
1.1.1 Camping Camp fire Disposable bbq marshmallows Tent
2 Characters
2.1 Characters in our film will be 6 teenagers in the woods having fun.
2.2 Me, serina, Chloe,Rosie,Mason,Jack
3 Twigs snapping
3.1 Sounds /music
3.1.1 Screams from distance
3.1.2 Leaves crunching with every footstep
3.1.3 Tense music when all these events are occurring
3.1.4 Owls
3.1.5 Wind howling
3.1.6 Rustling
3.1.7 Crackling of fire
4 Plot/storyline
4.1 The plot to our 2 minute opening sequence is that 6 people will be at a campout commemorating their close friends death which happened a year ago on the day of the campout. They will all be talking around the campout but creepy noises start to discomfort them and they become weary.
4.2 The opening two minutes will be rough cuts of 6 friends around the camp fire then sound effects of high pitch screams will with loud drums to emphasise the fright and un - security.
5 Linear
5.1 Story is in order, it will be simple yet effective
6 Editing ideas
6.1 Time lapse of the sun set to indicate what time of day it is (establishing shot)
6.2 Credits
6.2.1 The villian treading on to the cast names when walking each step on the leaves.
6.2.2 Fade in and fade outs
6.2.3 Rough cut
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