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Stuart Hall


Stuart Halls Reception Theory
Georgina Fenton
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Georgina Fenton
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Stuart Hall
  1. Stuart Hall explains reactions towards music videos. Music videos are encoded by the producer, the institution fills the text with values and messages, which represent the ideology they intend to deliver. The values and messages are then decoded by the audience to come to a conclusion of their personal reading of the video. Different spectators will decode the text in different ways and not always in the way the producer intended. Hall believes there are three different ways people read the messages and meaning, negotiated, dominant and oppositional.
    1. Dominant: A dominant view is that the audience read the text in the way the producer intended, the audience agree with the ideology and message in the text. This is the ideal consumption the institution want as it means their text is successful and will be viewed positively.
      1. Negotiated: A compromise between dominant and oppositional readings, the audience will accept the intended message however will also have their own input and understanding of the text. Their own opinions, for example, may be that they do not agree with how it is shown or may think parts are unrealistic.
        1. Oppositional: Opposite to dominant, the audience completely reject the preferred reading and replace it with their own ideas of the text. For example they may be offended by the text or may fail to see the message.
          1. There are a range of factors which contribute to these readings: gender, social class, ethnicity, regional identity, culture, sexuality, political views, job and family structure.
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