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Pathway to muscle contraction


Laura Badger
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Laura Badger
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Pathway to muscle contraction
  1. 1. Nerve impulse depolarizes the nerve terminal
    1. 2. Votlage gated Ca2+ channels open
      1. 3. Ca2+ enters the nerve terminal
        1. 4. Vesicles of Ach exit the nerve terminal via exocytosis
          1. 5. Ach binds to the ACh receptor at two sites of ACh receptor.
            1. 6. Influx of Na+ causes depolarisation of the myocyte membrane. The Na+ enters through the ACh receptor
              1. 7. This opens voltage gated Na+ and Ca2+ channels
                1. 8. Then Ca2+ is realesed from SR into the cytosol of myocyte which causes muscle contraction
                  1. 9. Acetylcholinesterase – anchored to the post-synaptic membrane terminates synaptic transmission
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