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Audience Profile
1 Research from Facebook
1.1 What have you learnt from it?


  • The research for our audience profile had promise to be a useful way of gaining understanding of what our audience wants to see from our indie/alternative music video. However, we only managed to gain one useful bit of audience feedback. This may of been due to the fact our page wasn't boosted enough, or some other people saw it as a joke.
2 Additional Research


  • As well as our Facebook page we also went round the sixth form common room, and recorded some short videos where Alex and I would ask some questions similar to the ones on Facebook. This was a lot more successful and we managed to get some useful answers that we'll take in to consideration when planning our video.
2.1 Videos
3 How will you develop your ideas after this research?


  • From our research, our audience research showed us that they would prefer to see an interesting concept video rather than a performance video or narrative. The idea of a narrative video was rather unpopular as they find story-based videos too predictable and boring. This was good news as our idea for the video was concept based.
4 Extra Info


  • From our notes about why we consume music, it's clear that there are different types of audiences for every genre of music. From our class notes, there are three types of audiences. Primary audience, who are the intended audience for a media text, Secondary Audience, who may consume a media text but they're not the primary audience, and last, the Niche Audience, who are quite small and specialised, but are becoming more and more common. The consumption of music can be affected by Age, Gender, Location, Lifestyle and Attitudes.
5 Detailed Audience Profile


  • Age = Our decided age range for our audience is 16-25, as we believe this aspect of a person's life is full of life changing events such as GCSE's and A-levels, and the adventure of University. All these things bring stress to a persons life, so we feel the meaningful lyrics of an indie/alternative song will help the audience escape from daily hassles or relate to the lyrics.
  • Gender= The audience for our music video will consist of both males and females. However, we feel the meaningful and somewhat relatable lyrics would appeal to the female side of our audience, as there is a stereotype that they are more open about their emotions.
  • Lifestyle and attitudes= Our audience has a very simplistic lifestyle. Although they are conscious about their appearance, they try to wear unique brands that aren't very common. They also like to shop locally at independent stores rather than supporting large/popular stores like TopShop. They live a very eco-green/organic lifestyle in terms of food consumption. Their food will be organic and their coffee fair trade. They like to bring old-school themes back but with a modern twist. They attend small festivals such as Camp Bestival rather than big ones such as Glastonbury or Reading.
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