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    This is an analysis of sound that was done in class.
    The importance of sound

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    Sound- Something you can hearSoundscape- it is a layering of sound, a piece of music considered in terms of its components soundSound design- A collage of different sounds/creating sounds'Suspending disbelief'- Putting reality out of your mind, for example being able to enjoy fiction films despite it not being reality.

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    Screening 1 without sound
    I was unaware of what the genre was, couldn't understand the plot. I didn't have any visceral experience. When I was watching it, it felt very boring, the 2 mins felt like it was dragging.  

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    I could hear the ident in the beginning, non diegetic sound of instruments. Diegetic sound of traffic noises, tyres screeching, brakes on trains, phones ringing, dialogue and motif.I felt entertained and interested as the music had an upbeat fast pace. I was also engaged within the 2mins and it felt shorter than the first screening.
    Screening 2 with sound

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    What difference does sound make? 
    Sound adds to the film plot, and helps you identify the genre. This helps people decide whether they will enjoy the film or not just by watching the opening. It allows you to have a visceral experience as the sound lets you enjoy the film to full effect.Though we might think of film as an essentially visual experience, we really cannot afford to underestimate the importance of film sound. A meaningful sound track is often as complicated as the  image on the screen. The entire sound track is comprised of three essential ingredients: the human voicesound effectsmusicThese three tracks must be mixed and balanced so as to produce the necessary emphases which in turn create desired effects.

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    The importance of film in identifying genres
      Clip                  Genre     Film name&what made me identify genre Example 1 Western     'Fist full of dollars', the whistling and gun shot Example 2 Sci-fi      'Gravity', the spaceship/U.F.O noise Example 3 Action      'Fast and furious 6' the car/tyre screeching noises Example 4 Chick flick, rom-com       'Legally blonde' pop music played
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