Therapy Dogs Recap

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Therapy Dogs Recap
  1. Benefits
    1. Lowers Anxiety
      1. Social Engagement
      2. Stress Relief
        1. Encourages Communication
          1. Improved Self-Esteem
            1. Consistent Companion
              1. Makes child/youth feel less judged
                1. Reduces Loneliness
                  1. Physically Connected to animal
                    1. Distraction from pain
                      1. Sense of purpose/responsibility
                        1. Helps children overcome speech/reading difficulties
                          1. Oxytocin (love hormone)
                          2. Cautions when working with children/youth
                            1. Allergies
                              1. Child/youth harming the animal
                                1. Fear of dogs
                                  1. Understanding the animal isn't with the client forever
                                  2. Overcoming Issues
                                    1. Hypo-allergenic dogs
                                      1. Talking openly about animals & how they're not with us forever
                                        1. Expectations on child/youth's behaviour are clear
                                          1. Trusted group/client
                                            1. Supervision
                                              1. Smaller groups, less dogs
                                              2. Places Therapy Dogs work
                                                1. Hospitals
                                                  1. Dominion Assistance Dogs
                                                    1. St. John's Ambulance
                                                      1. Libraries
                                                        1. Schools
                                                          1. Mental Health Organizations
                                                            1. Military Bases
                                                              1. Retirement/Nursing Homes
                                                                1. Disaster Sites
                                                                  1. Other private businesses
                                                                    1. Other community centres
                                                                    2. They must be...
                                                                      1. Good Tempered
                                                                        1. Gentle
                                                                          1. Patient
                                                                            1. Confident
                                                                              1. Socially Open
                                                                                1. Friendly
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