Poliomyelitis Mind Map

Christian Cashel
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Christian Cashel
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A mind map of the Poliomyelitis disease with a few facts.

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Poliomyelitis Mind Map
  1. Causative Organism
    1. Poliovirus
    2. Controls & Prevention
      1. Routine Immunisation with polio vaccine
        1. Inactivated
          1. Live Attenuated
        2. Incubation Period
          1. 7 to 21 days
          2. Signs & Symptoms
            1. Short term
              1. Headaches
                1. Nausea
                  1. Abdominal pain
                    1. Aching muscles
                      1. High Temperature
                      2. Long Term
                        1. Deformities
                          1. Muscle weakness
                            1. Muscle shrinkage
                              1. Tight joints
                                1. Paralysis
                              2. Period of Communicability
                                1. 7 to 10 days before and after the onset of symptoms
                                  1. Can be shed in the stool from 3 to 6 weeks.
                                2. Mode of Transmission
                                  1. Faecal-Oral / Oral-Oral
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