Teaching Writing

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Web of Teaching Intermediate and Transitional Writing

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Teaching Writing
  1. Transitional Writers
    1. Teacher models
      1. Students work collaboratively with peers
        1. Using Writing strategies
          1. Needs organization
            1. Spends only a short time writing
            2. Students learning to write summaries
            3. Students learning to write Poems, Stories, and Information
              1. Students read a wide range of texts
                1. Learning stages of Writing Process
                  1. Uses information not needed
                  2. Learning mechanics of writing
                  3. using invented spelling
                2. Intermediate Writers
                  1. Students work collaboratively with peers
                    1. Using writing strategies
                      1. learning to delete information not needed
                        1. Learning to plan their writing
                      2. includes details
                      3. Use knowledge of single syllable patterns to influence spelling with suffixes
                        1. Confident and fluent in writing
                        2. Teacher motivating students
                          1. Working on word choice
                            1. Spend substantial time on piece
                              1. writing with audience in mind
                              2. Writing has voice
                                1. self editors
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