Mapping a Community

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Unit 1 Test- 3rd Grade Social Studies

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Mapping a Community
1 Community Places
1.1 Places to Learn
1.1.1 Places to Buy Things Places to Work Places to Play Places to Live Places to Get Help Places to Eat
1.1.2 School
1.2 Places to Buy Things
2 Types of Communities
2.1 Urban
2.1.1 City
2.2 Rural
2.2.1 Country
2.3 Suburban
3 Map Views
3.1 Birds Eye View
3.2 Map View
3.3 View from Directly Above
3.4 Ground Level View
4 Map Keys and Symbols
4.1 Tells what the symbols on a map stand for.
4.2 A symbol is something that stands for something else.
4.3 Natural Features
4.3.1 Landforms and bodies of water that exist naturally on the earth. Mountains Hills Water Forest
4.3.2 Natural Resource Land Farming Orchard Airport Water Boating Swimming Fishing
5 Distance and Location
5.1 The amount of space between two objects.
5.1.1 We use blocks to measure distances in town.
5.2 Map Scale
5.3 Map Grid
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