Decision Support System

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Decision Support System
  1. Select alternatives of decision making
    1. Automate some decision making processes
      1. Increase market share
        1. Reduce cost
          1. increase profitability
            1. Enhance quality
            2. Organized collection
              1. Models
                1. People
                  1. Procedure
                    1. Software
                      1. Database
                        1. Tele comunication
                          1. Device
                          2. Problem Statement
                            1. Store info to empoloyees
                              1. Old attendance details.
                                1. Errors
                                  1. Security levels
                                    1. Backup
                                  2. Characteristics
                                    1. Big data searches
                                      1. Different source data
                                        1. Report and presentation
                                          1. Textual and graphical orientation
                                            1. Perform complex
                                            2. Capabilities
                                              1. Support problem solving phases
                                                1. Decision frequencies that range from one of a kind
                                                  1. Repetitive decisions are handled by institutional
                                                    1. Various decision making levels
                                                      1. Operational level
                                                        1. Tactical level
                                                      2. Components
                                                        1. Data Management subsystem
                                                          1. Relevant data for situation
                                                            1. Database Management system DBMS
                                                          2. Model Management subsystem
                                                            1. Variety of models
                                                              1. Model Base Management Software MBMS
                                                            2. Knowledge based Management subsystem
                                                              1. Intelligence to argument
                                                              2. User interface subsystem
                                                                1. Interaction
                                                              3. Design
                                                                1. Attendance, Capturing & Recording System
                                                                  1. Responsabilities
                                                                    1. Employing Activity
                                                                      1. Approving official
                                                                        1. Timekeeping
                                                                        2. Decision making at top level
                                                                          1. Designed for attendance capturing and Recording system
                                                                            1. Reporting
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