Measurements and reading a recipe

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Measurements and reading a recipe
  1. Use measuring cups, spoons and pitchers
    1. Cups: dry ingredients
      1. Spoons and pitchers: liquid ingredients
      2. Teaspoon is smaller than a tab;espoon
        1. 3 tsp= 1 T
          1. 4 T= 1/4 cup
          2. Dash, pinch or speck is less than 1/8 of a teaspoon
            1. ! gallon= 4 quartz, 1 quart= 2 pints, 1 pint= 2 cups
              1. Make sure your recipe source is valid
                1. Baking and cooking is a combination of math and chemistry
                  1. Dry measuring cups should be leveled off
                    1. Tap the cup to settle any air bubbles
                    2. Wet measuring items will level itself off
                      1. Spray the liquid measuring cup with nonstick spray
                        1. Bend down to eye level to check
                        2. Sifted measuring means the item should be measured after being sifted
                          1. Top area has name of recipe
                            1. How much it makes
                              1. Temperature for oven
                              2. Middle area shows ingredients
                                1. Bottom area shows directions
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