Identification and Exploration of the Need

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Identification and Exploration of the Need
1 Interior Decorating/ Reupholstering
1.1 Alternative furniture covers
1.2 Alternative seating Area
1.2.1 Flat pack
1.2.2 Easy storage
1.3 Fire Pit Seating area
1.4 commemorating designers
1.4.1 wallpaper turned into fabric design reupholstered Florence broardhurst chanel Kate spade fun/childish
1.4.2 Library Historic References
1.4.3 Library Histroical Education
1.5 “Gum tree of life” – business
1.5.1 affordable furniture for society
1.5.2 recycled, reused, repurposed furniture
1.5.3 Personilse furnture
2 Youth support
2.1 App
2.1.1 Schooling HSC notes syllabus video Charles Sturt University notes
2.1.2 Helpline App Games constant support Chat lin e.g. facebook messanger random
2.2 education disparity
2.2.1 3 world teaching (private education)
3 K-2 Resources
4 National park
4.1 Seating
4.1.1 Pop up
4.1.2 Eliminates Spider and Graffiti
4.1.3 compactable
4.1.4 Flat pack
4.2 Bush Regeneration
5 Lazer cutting
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