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CCE experiences in Schools


Mindmap of CCE in Schools
Mary SWY
Mind Map by Mary SWY, updated more than 1 year ago
Mary SWY
Created by Mary SWY over 6 years ago

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CCE experiences in Schools
  1. Values-in-Action/ Service Learning
    1. Community
      1. Food drives
      2. Environment
        1. Beach Clean-ups
          1. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse
          2. VWO/NGOs
            1. Flag day
              1. Fund raising
                1. Direct Service
              2. Holidays/Festivals/Celebrations
                1. Chinese New Year
                  1. Labour Day
                    1. Vesak Day
                      1. Hari Raya Puasa
                        1. National Day
                          1. Deepavali
                            1. Total Defence Day
                              1. Sports Day
                                1. Earth Day
                                  1. Racial Harmony
                                    1. Teacher's Day
                                      1. Youth Day
                                        1. Mother's/Father's Day
                                        2. Assembly
                                          1. Motivational Talks
                                            1. Invited Speakers
                                              1. Talks by Government Organizations or Non-Government organisations
                                                1. Speech Day
                                                2. School-based CCE learning experiences
                                                  1. Aligned to school’s vision, mission and values
                                                    1. Aligned to CCE Learning outcomes
                                                      1. Customised to meet the different profiles and needs of pupils
                                                      2. Discipline
                                                        1. Positive actions
                                                          1. Greeting Teachers
                                                            1. Singing the national anthem
                                                              1. Canteen Etiquette
                                                              2. School rules
                                                                1. Punctuality
                                                                  1. Attire and grooming
                                                                2. CCA
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