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Religious experiences, The design argument, religious upbringing and how they can and don't lead to belief in Allah

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Believing in Allah mind map
1 Muslim upbringing and belief in Allah
1.1 Can upbringing influence belief in Allah?
1.1.1 Yes Parents send you to and Islamic institute Surrounded by students of their own age - friends influence their beliefs (support them) Better understanding of Islam Children are influenced by their parents, they look up to them as role models. If their parents are practicing Islam and firm in their belief in Allah then naturally the child will follow in their footsteps. Those around them are practicing Family, friends and other relatives can provide a supportive network which, encourages child to believe in Allah.
1.1.2 No Parent's are not always their to guide their children Leaves children more vulnerable and inclined towards external influence e.g Media/non-muslim friends. Forceful parents & other family members Makes child want to rebel and go against parents belief. Free will Humans are still able to make their own decisions, despite background and upbringing
1.2 What is a Muslim upbringing?
1.2.1 When a baby is born the Adhaan is recited into their ear.
1.2.2 5 pillars are practiced.
1.2.3 Home is kept halal. Food and drink are halal. Music isn't played. Quran often recited.
1.2.4 Iqamah recited in left ear of new born.
2 The design argument and belief in Allah
2.1 Is the design of creations evidence of Allah's existence?
2.1.1 Yes William Paley - British Philosopher He argued that the Earth could not have come into existence by itself and that there must have have been someone who CREATED it. Paley used the analogy of a watch in the desert, with all it's interconnecting complex cogs, and how it would lead one to believe in a watch maker, to explain how something as complex and as perfect as the Earth must have a CREATOR. Only Allah is powerful enough to have designed certain creations. E.G The universe. Humans have been designed in such a way that each person is unique, only Allah has the power to have created us like this. E.G The fingerprint of each person is different. Only Allah could have created the first human.
2.1.2 No The design of humans is a result of evolution, not Allah. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution states that overtime species evolved to suite the changes in their environment. The universe wasn't part of a carefully designed plan it just happened as a result of matter expanding, according to science which there is physical evidence for unlike Allah.
2.2 What is the design argument?
2.2.1 The Design Argument
2.3 Everything designed has a purpose.
3 Religious experience and belief in Allah (Numinous, Conversion, Miracle & Prayer)
3.1 Does a religious experience lead to belief in Allah?
3.1.1 Yes Miracles convince people that only Allah could have done this because there is no other logical explanation. E.G The birth of Isa (A.S). An answered prayer is proof for people that Allah exists. E.G Yunus (A.S) in the whale. Numinous experiences lead one to believe that a greater presence exists, that can only be God. E.G The atmosphere of unity created in a masjid. A conversion experience changes a persons life. Some do research and end up enlightened. People are left striving for a connection with Allah. E.G Cat Stevens, a rock star, converted and changed his name to Yusuf Islam.
3.1.2 No People often regard religious experiences, such as miracles as hallucinations. You aren't in your senses when you're hallucinating or have a mental illness therefore, anything you witness/experience is unreliable. Those who witness such events do not always make the link between these events and Allah. Some people completely disregard these occurrences as special
3.2 Key words & definitions:
3.2.1 Miracle - Something which seems to break a law of science.
3.2.2 Answered Prayer - Contacting Allah, usually through words, by making dua that has been accepted.
3.2.3 Numinous - An indescribable feeling that leaves people in a state of awe, leading you to believe in a supreme deity.
3.2.4 Conversion - When your life is changed by giving yourself to Allah.
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