U-Send Couriers

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U-Send Couriers
  1. Logo
    1. Needs to be bold and stand out to attract the audiences attention.
      1. Have some kind of package as the main image. this can be easily recognisable by the audience
        1. File type-Vector Graphic
          1. the logo needs to include what the service does and can do.
          2. Vehicle Wrap
            1. have the logo for the company as the main image.
              1. Slogan below the logo on the van.
                1. include text saying the contact information
                  1. include information on how its better than other delivery services
                    1. if there is any other text that
                      1. The font that will need to be on the vehicle would need to be clear and bold so that the audience is able to read it clearly.
                      2. Alex Fedyk
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