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Predictions for 2035


esta es una precentacion en goconqr la cual es de predicciones sobre lo que puede pasar en el 2035
Andres Felipe Ba2122
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Andres Felipe Ba2122
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Predictions for 2035
  1. The cars will be earth-friendly
    1. There will throw a coin of more value than the
    2. there will be no nuclear energy that used to damage if not for humanity
      1. There will be environmentally friendly fires
      2. there will be a space ship which does not take more than 35 years to travel the galaxy
        1. There will teleporters that are more efficient than planes
        2. They may will been exhausted planet's natural resources by 2035
          1. there will mutation Animal
            1. There will be prototypes of flying cars
              1. you will to create the kinds of energy that do not harm the environment
                1. there will be robots that work in police fire etc.
                  1. there will be more animal species in the world
                    1. everyone will become communist
                      1. There will be countries improve in all aspects
                        1. there will be a third world war
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