Nitrogen Cycle

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Nitrogen Cycle Mindmap

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Nitrogen Cycle
1 78% Nitrogen gas in the atmosphere
3 Nitrogen is needed for making proteins for growth
4 - Plants get nitrogen from the soil
4.1 - Animals get nitrogen by eating plants
5 Nitrogen Fixation is the process of turning N2 from the air into Nitrogen compounds that plants can use
6 Decomposers - break down protein
6.1 Nitrifying Bacteria - turns ammonia into nitrates in decaying matter
6.1.1 Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria - turn atmospheric N2 into nitrogen compounds that plants use Denitrifying Bacteria - turns nitrates back into N2 gas. no benefit to living organisms.
7 There's so much energy in a lightning bolt that it's enough to make nitrogen react with oxygen in the ait to give nitrates
8 Nitrogen, just like carbon, is being constantly recycled. So the nitrogen in your proteins might once have been in the air. And before that it might have been in a plant. And before that some horse wee. Nice.
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