An inspector calls

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an inspector cslls

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An inspector calls
  1. Mr birling is known in the play as a heavy looking person .
    1. He is known as the wealthiest person in the house because of his parents role in the society
        1. Eric is the youngest member of the so called Birling family
          1. Mrs Birling is known as the cold woman because she keep the difference between the social classes
            1. She also seems to have airs during to play
            2. Sheila was very happy because she was going to marry a rich guy called Gerald
              1. he seems to be very confident and proud of his self
                1. But he is unable to admit his responsibility for his part in Eva's death
                2. He is optimistic about what is going to happen in the future but he is wrong
                  1. She speaks to Eric and Sheila like they were still little childrens
                    1. She have the least respect for the inpector
                      1. She will not take responsibility for Eva's death because she did not gave to Eva the money of her charity
                        1. She is the first to starting admitting of what she did and feeling guilty for her jealous action and blame her self
                          1. She is the most responsibile
                            1. because she kept her self calm after knowing that Gerald already knew Eva
                            2. He is the most nervous
                              1. because he knew about the girl
                                1. he had a serious relationship with her
                                2. because he is drunk
                                  1. because he robbed money from his dad company
                                    1. to keep the relationship with Eva and for his upcoming baby
                                  2. The most emotional after knowing his errors
                                    1. He pretend to not know Eva initially
                                      1. He found (in act 3 ) that the inspector was fake
                                        1. He is the mysterious person that no one knows
                                          1. He protect himself rather then changing trying to found a logical solution to the problem
                                            1. He deals with only one person at time
                                              1. He says that he have been just been transferred in the town but later in the play Arthur an Gerald will prove that no one have been transferred in the city called Goole
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