An Inspector calls Techniques

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An Inspector calls Techniques
1 dramatic irony
1.1 makes B look foolish - so we don't trust his capitalist ideas
1.2 humour
1.3 audience has advantage over characters - makes them more open to the message
2 stage direction
2.1 set the audience up to think about character in a certain way before play starts
2.2 make revelation later in the play carry more weight
2.3 emphasises character emotions - audience understand social message
3 the inspector
3.1 device to move plot along and control the pace of events
3.1.1 keeps the pace = interest audience + highlights the socialist message
4 setting and lighting
4.1 pink @ beginning - looking at life through 'rose tinted glasses'
4.2 reflects the mood is about to change
4.3 the birling's removing the glasses to a place where there actions are revealed under harsh lighting
5 tension
5.1 created by pace - small bits of info revealed at a time
5.2 keeps us guessing till end of play
5.3 makes us curious
5.4 showing the photo one at a time
6 foreshadowing
6.1 subtle hints given throughout the play about whats gonna happen next
6.2 arouses interest in audience
6.3 e.g we know that the comfortable atmosphere will change - eric nervous about something
7 Exits and entrences
7.1 dramatic effect and add to tensions
7.2 highlight relevant areas
7.3 characters escaping from something
8 Euphemism
8.1 avoid saying something unpleasant by using vaguer words
8.1.1 hiding from the truth
8.1.2 "women of the town" - prostitues

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