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Future For 2035


The Topic Is What The Worl Or The Country The Future 2035
Julii Gamarra
Mind Map by Julii Gamarra, updated more than 1 year ago
Julii Gamarra
Created by Julii Gamarra over 6 years ago

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Future For 2035
  1. The economy will be better in the country
    1. Al colombians will make good economization money
      1. Less money is will spend and thus yield more
        1. In The Economic
          1. In the House
            1. The houses will be more larger
              1. The house will make the tilet for the family
                1. They will open the windows alone
                2. In The transport
                  1. The cars will not have wheels and float
                    1. Not because there will be more traffic jams
                      1. Roads will not be a problem
                  2. In The Security
                    1. Safety the streets will be better
                      1. The Police Will Their job better
                        1. There will be more jail for thieves
                    2. In The School
                      1. Education will be much better
                        1. Schools will have more security
                          1. students will use laptop and no books
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