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3 wishes


Advanced Placement Writing Mind Map on 3 wishes, created by Johanna Juhász on 11/03/2015.
Johanna Juhász
Mind Map by Johanna Juhász, updated more than 1 year ago
Johanna Juhász
Created by Johanna Juhász over 6 years ago

Resource summary

3 wishes
  1. intro: scenario in which the 3 wishes were given
    1. conclusion: how did things end up
      1. wish 1
        1. what is it?
          1. write it here:
          2. how does it affect your life?
            1. write it here:
            2. why do you want or need it?
              1. write it here:
            3. add topic and conclusion sentences
              1. wish 2
                1. what is it?
                  1. why do you want/need it?
                    1. how does it affect you and others?
                    2. brainstorm
                      1. wish 3
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