A2 Database Systems


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A2 Database Systems
  1. Relational Database
    1. A large collection of data item links/ relationships between them structured in a way that it allows it to be accessed by a number of different application programs
    2. Flat file database
      1. A database where all data is held in one single table
      2. Data Consistency
        1. Using a central pool of data
        2. Data Redundancy
          1. Refers to the uneccessary duplication of data
          2. Data Integrity
            1. Correctness of the data
            2. Data Independance
              1. The data and applications used to access it are independent/ seperate
              2. Primary Key
                1. Used to uniquely identify a particular record or line/ row in a table
                2. Foreign Key
                  1. A field of one ore more table which is also a primary key of another
                  2. Links
                    1. When 2 or more tables contain the same field they can be linked
                    2. Data Normalisation
                      1. The organisation of data into tables which relate to a single entity
                      2. Data Warehouse
                        1. A large collection of archived data used for decision making
                        2. Data Mining
                          1. Interrogating the data to find patterns in the data which is stored in the warehouse
                          2. Database Management System
                            1. Holds a collection of centralised data for further manipulation in various ways
                            2. Query
                              1. Request for specific information
                                1. SQL
                                  1. Structured query language
                                2. Data Dictionary
                                  1. A central store of information about data
                                  2. Distributed Database
                                    1. Has data stored on a number of computers at different locations bu appears as one logical database
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