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  1. Propp's character theory claims there are seven different character types within films. Examples are from the 2012 horror film 'Sinister,' however this film does not contain all of the seven different characters.
    1. False Hero
      1. Dispatcher
        1. Donor
          1. Princess' father
            1. Helper e.g. Professor Jonas
              1. Princess e.g. Tracy Oswalt
                1. Villain e.g. Bughuul and Ashley Oswalt
                  1. Hero e.g. Ellison Oswalt
                  2. The main emphasise within horror films is the villain, often they can be human, often they can be supernatural or in some cases, like 'The Conjuring,' the antagonist isn't seen at all.
                    1. The hero's are usually depicted as a group of people, whether it be a group of friends, like in 'The Hole,' or a family, like in 'Sinister.' Their conflict with the antagonist forms the basis of the film's plot.
                      1. The presence of a Princess or Princess' father is quite unconventional in most horror films as there is a lack of love in a lot of those films, therefore there is no need for a female love interest.
                        1. Characters such as the dispatcher, false hero and donor are all quite rare in horror films as the plot often steers away from that sort of thing, the main focus is placed on the heroes and the antagonists.
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