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This is the clicky path of the dots teacher based web thing
Mind Map by pigswimmers, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by pigswimmers over 6 years ago

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  1. Start on google or new tab screen
    1. Click on dots logo on top or type in URl name
      1. Clicking on appointments
        1. Does it pop up only over calendar or over whole page?
          1. Click on anywhere but title name
            1. Popup with Name of event, date and time, with options to only edit or delete
            2. Click on title name
              1. change screen and Display name of event, time, and date --> option to change name, time, edit whole thing, or "add to google calendar" (should it already add automatically to the google calendar?)
                1. To change name of event, double click on title and it should be able to edit it like a text box
                  1. Changing time it could give like hour options, or have that drop down of like all [hrs], [min (every 15], [am/pm], it would involve clicking on time or a small box that says change time and date
                    1. Changing Date: should be another thing as shown, if clicked on change date... it would be cool to have a small calendar like that pop up... if not, have a small calendar icon that you can click that does the same pop up format.
                      1. There should be change calendar button: if i add one, it straign ads it to the paul imbro calendar... what if i want to change it to a dots calendar or a "work calendar"?
                        1. Other possible things to edit: Color, invite others, location and notifications
                          1. Changing Color
                            1. Invite others, if its a teacher it should also do the original dots notification
                              1. Location
                                1. Notification: Option for popup or email, number edit, and a change for min, hrs, days, weeks
                                2. Adding a Description of the event
                                  1. What else needs to be added?
                              2. Task List
                                1. Clicking on finished tasks
                                  1. Completion of task checkbox
                                    1. If clicked on, make box a checkmark, and put a line through the task as seen in last picture
                                      1. If there is a date "look to task link on calendar" then clicking on caendar box would also put check and line throgh on both calendar and task list
                                  2. Clicking on task settings/options
                                    1. Open new screen (i think best if stayed within box of task list) not very big
                                      1. Task name option
                                        1. Task due date option (how to add time to this?)
                                          1. Show small calendar, if clicked on increases size of calendar and pick from possible dates
                                            1. Date clicked on then gets changed to take the spot of the blank date spot
                                              1. It then gets added to the top (No time discretion) of the dots / and or calendar with the date clicked on.
                                              2. Date starts blank!
                                                1. Do you even need time... i dont think so?
                                                2. Description option (take notes on what the task is supposed to be)
                                                  1. Assume someone types in description
                                                    1. Description is changed in the box, when return to list it will show below the task name (PAUL GIVE EXAMPLE)
                                                  2. Move to list option (list references the "3 dots on bottom of task bar of task list"
                                                3. Task link to calendar
                                                  1. Bottom bar of more task list options
                                                    1. Actions
                                                      1. New task "+"
                                                        1. Delete Task "trashcan"
                                                          1. 3 dots for more shortcuts and list options
                                                          2. Make task a option on the show up list
                                                            1. Returning to task list
                                                            2. Always can click on home to go back to calendar screen
                                                              1. Assume a blank starting screen
                                                                1. Optional clicks to see more or less on a calendar
                                                                  1. Example: clicking on lunch menu --> shows lunch menus on calendar and has box checked
                                                                    1. Example: click on subsection of school events --> can click on smaller section to show/unshow that part
                                                                      1. Bottom should include add from url calendar [Ex: OLC URL] (Ask Paul for questions)
                                                                        1. Add further options for each clickable calendar option:
                                                                          1. Color of box on calendar in either suggested colors or option for color wheel
                                                                            1. WHAT OTHER OPTIONS!!!
                                                                    2. Settings
                                                                  2. Calendar
                                                                    1. Teacher Start up page
                                                                      1. Click on dots logo... do we send them to the calendar or the dots page???
                                                                        1. If dots page, refer to initial red line!!!
                                                                          1. If calendar, refer to initial blue line
                                                                        2. All black bubbles indicate important ideas without pictures

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