Fats & Oils Mindmap | Andrew Mitchell


A mindmap about fats and oils for my cooking class at school.
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Fats & Oils Mindmap | Andrew Mitchell
  1. Fats protect the body
    1. Protects internal organs from injury and shock
      1. Insulates the body
        1. Promotes healthy skin
        2. Every gram of fat provides 9 calories
          1. Fats are the most concentrated source of energy
            1. Functions
              1. Supplies heat
                1. Carries Vitamin A,D,E,K
                  1. Adds to food's flavor
                    1. Feel fuller longer
                      1. Protects organs form injury and shock
                        1. Promotes healthy skin
                        2. Definitions
                          1. Fat - A nutrient that is essential for body energy, insulation and protection
                            1. Oils - Fats that are liquids at room temperature
                              1. Lipids - A family of chemical compounds, including fats and oils
                                1. Cholesterol - A fat like substance made of glucose or saturated fat
                                  1. Rancid- Fats that have begun to decompose
                                    1. Hydrogenation - Chemical process making liquid fats into solid fats
                                    2. Fat type depends on the molecule makeup and bonds
                                      1. It's not how much fat you eat, but what kind
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