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Fat and Oils


Timothy Ramer
Mind Map by Timothy Ramer, updated more than 1 year ago
Timothy Ramer
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Fat and Oils
  1. Fat insulates and protects your body
    1. Fats provide 9 calories per gram
    2. Fat is a essential nutrient for insulation, body energy and protection
      1. Food fact
        1. Fat definitions
          1. Hydrogenation: Good chemical process for making fat
            1. Butter: Fat extracted from milk
              1. Margerine: Butter substitute made from plant fat
                1. Lard: Extracted from animal fats
                  1. Vegetable Oil: Made from plants
                    1. Vegetable shortening: blend of hydrogenated oils
                    2. Rancid: Decomposing fats
                    3. What are oils?
                      1. Oils are fats at room temp. They come from plants or fish
                      2. Lipids
                        1. Family of chemical compounds including fats and oils
                        2. Cholesterol
                          1. Fat like substance made of glucose or saturated fat ( in our blood)
                          2. Great source of back up energy
                            1. Secondary to carbohydrates
                              1. Most concentrated source of energy
                              2. Function of fat
                                1. Supplies heat (insulation)
                                  1. Carries vitamin A,D,E,K
                                    1. Add food flavoring
                                      1. Satisfies hunger
                                        1. Protects organs
                                          1. Promotes healthy skin
                                          2. Fat solubule vitamins A D E K can ONLY dissolve in fat
                                            1. Fatty acids
                                              1. 2 Chemical chains that make up fats
                                                1. Saturated
                                                  1. Polyunsaturated
                                                    1. Monounsaturated
                                                  2. Saturated fatty acids
                                                    1. Fats that usually come from animal sources and are solid at room temp.
                                                    2. Polyunsaturated fats
                                                      1. Comes from veggies and fish, semi-liquid at room temp.
                                                      2. Monounsaturated fats
                                                        1. Semi solid or liquid at room temp.
                                                        2. Trans fat
                                                          1. Unsaturated fat molecule that is chem. changed
                                                          2. Cholesterol is good because it is essential to live but its bad if you have too much
                                                            1. Good: HDL cholesterol
                                                              1. Bad: LDL cholesterol
                                                              2. Trans fats are terrible for your health
                                                                1. Look for "partially hydrogenated" on a nutrition label to see if its healthy or not
                                                                  1. Even though trans fats are unsaturated, its still very bad for your health
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