Analysis of Existing Students Work

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Analysis of Existing Students Work
  1. Magazine
    1. It shows similar conventions to already existing media products
      1. In their Initial ideas they outlined the importance of stocking to the typical conventions of Empire so audience can understand the conventions.
        1. One way the wanted the audience to understand the conventions of the magazine was by including similar conventions to a popular film magazine called 'Empire'. They portrayed the typical conventions shown in Empire magazine such as the photo being placed over the title, the colour scheme used throughout the magazine, the content and the form of the image. The strapline used is also to the Empire magazine and others, the font style and positioning is similar and the barcode is placed at the bottom right corner which is typical for Empire
          1. This clearly is within the horror/thriller genre ,which is shown through the use of conventions for example : the colouring of red and black, also the character performance , the taglines, the font , language used.
            1. What we believe didn’t work as well was that although the picture matched the convention , it wasn’t a good quality of photo – especially compared to other conventions.
              1. The layout is quite crowded as they only used different shapes and size of typography once. Which to overcome they could remove the film title “Blink” in order to allow more space. They could then add different methods of text layout to make the poster more appealing to the audience.
              2. The plugs at the side aren’t easy to read or stands out too much near the photo because of the white background it is placed on in order to be seen.
              3. Poster
                1. The students were once again inspired by other already existing posters. Their main aim of this poster was to show minimal graphics and information about the film, but still make the poster eye catching. They did do this through the dominating image of the eye, which is very interesting and intriguing because it matches the title and taglines.
                  1. However, I do feel that the image within the eye isn’t exactly minimal, but it still works to show the conventions.
                    1. Especially as they had inspiration from the ‘Harry Potter and the half-blood prince’ which shows a reflection of a character in the main protagonist (Harry’s) glasses. This in all, is a different way to portray information without giving too much of the narrative away. Also, by having it to be minimal, the eye and image creates an eerie feel and tension for the audience.
                    2. I also feel that the titles work very well. The positioning is different, yet still dominates after the image and is still easily read. The bold, sans serif typography stands out and demands to be read by the audience after they have seen the image. This then leads them to reading the tagline “Run from prying eyes”, which matches the image. Again, making the audience want to find out about the narrative.
                      1. However, we do not feel that the blood or tears coming from the eye is effective. Mainly for the reason there isn’t any known meaning behind it and it then therefore seem unnecessary. More so for the reason it is clearly edited on as the graphics do not match the original picture. However, it could be foreshadowing something for the whole film. Although they wanted to not make this looked edited on by drawing the image themselves, we feel they still didn’t do this effective enough to not make it look edited. They picture still would have worked without it.
                          1. Trailer
                            1. We feel the trailer is more like a short film, due to how much it gives away about the start, middle and ending.
                              1. The narrative they did give was unclear. From research into others, we know that titles can help to establish an unclear narrative. Yet they didn't include titles except the main film title.
                                1. We also learnt from research that developing a relationship with the main characters, whether the protagonist or antagonist, is important for audiences to want to watch the film.
                                  1. We felt the conventions used were very effective in order to portray a typical thriller and build tension - both of which work efficiently to build audience interest.
                                    1. For example, the soundtrack and lighting worked well to create an eerie feel to the whole production.
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