Self-Study Teaching

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Teaching Reflection based on what bakerly wrote

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Self-Study Teaching
  1. Concepts
    1. a component of reflection in which teachers systematically and critically examine their actions and the context of those actions as a way of developing a more consciously driven mode of professional activity (Samaras, 2002).
      1. Hamilton and Pinnegar (1998a),“Self-study is the study of one’s self, one’s actions, one’s ideas, as well as the ‘not self’”
    2. Purpose
      1. The goal of self-study is to investigate questions of practice “that are individually important and also of broader interest to the teacher education community” (Loughran, 2004, p. 9).
      2. Characteristics
        1. Reflection
          1. .We reflect on what went well, what did not, and what changes we can make to improve our lessons.
            1. Reflection can be viewed as a stepping stone to inquiring into our practice. In addition, we view reflection and inquiry as stepping stones to self-study.
          2. Collaboration
            1. It provides opportunities for support, new insights into our work, as well as different perspectives.
              1. It also contributes to a validation of the findings because the analysis extends beyond one’s personal views, thus addressing potential biases
            2. Openness
              1. Self-study necessitates a disposition of openness to outside views, questions, and critique.The disposition of the collaborators should be one of openmindedness to new ideas, different perspectives, and probing questions.Therefore, a climate of trust is essential to encourage a free flow of ideas.
            3. Results
              1. Self-study encourages teachers to examine their role and responsibilities to their students. It allows teachers to assess their personal and practical theories in a situated context or in a particular setting
                1. Self-study teachers continuously examine the perplexities and dilemmas of their teaching practice
                  1. It encourages teachers to take charge of their learning and professional development and advance education reform. Self-study is a powerful vehicle that can also help to renew one’s passion for teaching.
              2. Reference: Biderman, A, (2006) Self-Study of Teaching Practices College of Education and Human Development. Retrieved 25 October, 2015 from
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