Reconceptualization of empowerment

Nela Kratochvílová
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Nela Kratochvílová
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A mental map of reconceptualizition of empowerment according to Browne.

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Reconceptualization of empowerment
1 social work definitions of empowerment
1.1 intervention and product
1.2 process
1.3 skill
2 old concepts such as traditional, feminist, postmoderm feminist, essencialism have many problems
2.1 giving victim perspective
2.2 ignoring or exclusively emphasizing relatedness
2.3 strenghts are neglected
2.4 false homogenization
2.5 and many others
3 in a relationship with old women
4 Browne concept
4.1 values of connection and relatedness
4.1.1 ability to identify a value of it
4.1.2 natural nurturers = both the strenght and a source of oppresion
4.1.3 group empowerment
4.2 community and the collective good
4.2.1 re-evaluation of the causes
4.2.2 emphasise of it
4.3 reality of social power
4.3.1 acknowledgement of gender hierarchy, social inequality throughout their life cycles
4.3.2 cannot ignore economic and health realities
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