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Area of a Circle A = π r ^2
Circumference of a Circle C = 2 π r
Area of Compound Shapes Divide the shape into squares and rectangles, find their individual areas and then add them together.
Interior Angles of Regular Polygons (n-2) × 180° n = number of sides Then divide by 'n' to find individual angles. (If it is a irregular shape, then n=number of x/missing values)
Exterior Angles of Regular Polygons 360 ÷ a a = number of angles All of the exterior angles of regular polygons = 360* (If it is a irregular shape, then a=number of x/missing values)
y=mx+c equations If an equation of a line was Y=2x-4 it would mean that you would start at -4 on the Y axis (the one going up), you would find the points on the line by moving one to the right then two up. So your second point would be 1, -2 .
Angles in parrallel lines vertically opposite: b=c alternate: a=b corresponding: a=c supplementary: b+d=180
Volume of 3D shapes prism: area of cross section (front face) x length sphere: 4/3 π r^3 cone: 1/3 π r^2 h
Surface area sphere: 4 π r^2 cone: π r l
Area of trapezium 1/2 (a+b) h
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