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Science Lab Equipment


Year 9 Exam - Lab Equipment Revision
Monique Govind
Mind Map by Monique Govind, updated more than 1 year ago
Monique Govind
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Science Lab Equipment
  1. Tripod
    1. To hold scientific while being heated.
    2. Gauze Mat
      1. Placed on top of a tripod to spread the heat.
      2. Test Tube
        1. To mix and hols small quantities of liquid.
        2. Beaker
          1. To hold and heat larger amounts of liquid.
          2. Bunsen Burner
            1. Used to heat chemicals.
            2. Tongs
              1. To hold solids when heating.
              2. Conical Flask
                1. To hold and mix large volumes of liquid.
                2. Filter Funnel
                  1. To filter or separate chemicals.
                  2. Retort Stand
                    1. To hold lab equipment in place.
                    2. Measuring Cylinder
                      1. To accuratly measure volumes of liquids.
                      2. Thermometer
                        1. To measure the temperature of objects.
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