Introduction to Business Intelligence

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Introduction to BI

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Introduction to Business Intelligence
  1. What is BI?
    1. 1) Combines architectures, tools, applications, and methodologies
      1. 2) Transforms data, to information (and knowledge) to decisions, and finally to action
        1. What is the objective?
          1. Enable easy access to data (and models) for conducting analysis by business managers
        2. The BI System
          1. Enhanced with additional visualisations, alerts, and performance measurement capabilities (CPI)
            1. Objective of BI System:
              1. 1) To facilitate closing the gap between organisation's Current Performance and Desired Performance, as expressed in its mission, objectives, and goals, and the strategy to achieve them
                1. 2) Provide right information at the right time and place
            2. Business Pressure - Responses - Support Model
              1. Business Pressures result of today's competitive business climate Eg. Customer Demand
                1. Responses to overcome pressure Eg. Increased productivity
                  1. Support to better facilitate the process Eg. Analyses, Predictions, Decisions
                  2. Components in a BI Architecture
                    1. 1) Data Warehouse with its source data
                      1. Provide real-time decision support by accessing to current data
                      2. 2) Business Analytics
                        1. Tools for manipulating, mining, and analysing data in the data warehouse
                        2. 3) Business Performance Management (BPM)
                          1. Monitor and analyse performance to better manage operations
                          2. 4) User Interface (Dashboards)
                            1. A comprehensive graphical view of corporate performance measures, trends, and exceptions
                          3. Overview of Business Analytics
                            1. Process of developing actionable decisions or recommendations for actions based upon insights generated from historical data
                              1. 1) Descriptive Analytics
                                1. - What is happening in the organisation? Understanding primary trends and causes of such occurrences
                                2. 2) Predictive Analytics
                                  1. What is likely to happen in the future based on statistical techniques?
                                  2. 3) Prescriptive Analytics
                                    1. To provide decision or recommendation for an action to achieve the best performance possible
                                3. OLTP vs OLAP
                                  1. Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)
                                    1. Handling updates (add/edit/delete) to operational database. Goal is to have high efficiency.
                                    2. Online Analytic Processing (OLAP)
                                      1. Extracting information from data stored by OLTP systems
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